International Tourism and Travel Show: Ready for takeoff?

Summer vacation is barely at an end, and already travel enthusiasts are looking forward to their next escape! For avid travellers, planning the trip is part of the adventure. What destination will our baggage tags display? What kind of atmosphere will we immerse ourselves in? What aromas and flavours await us? READ MORE

Sand and Snow… and Everywhere in Between!

It highlights New Year’s traditions around the world…My house celebrates New Year’s Eve & Day pretty much that same way as most Americans: a New Year’s Eve party celebrated with friends, watching the Times Square ball drop in front of the tele with the family, & the next day stuffing ourselves with ham, kielbasa, & sauerkraut. READ MORE.

5 Airports With Yoga Rooms

…Or at least until you end up in the airport, exhausted, desperate for yoga, and caring only about that final destination. I don’t know about you, but overcrowded terminals and loudspeaker announcements on ten-minute-loops don’t help me enjoy the journey. Not to mention all the rushing, waiting, rushing some more, jet lag, cramped seats, etc. READ MORE

India and chai tea, here is the recipe

Chai, or masala chai, a sweet and spicy tea, a veritable institution throughout India. Morning or night, no matter where you go, you will have the opportunity to drink ample servings of this wonderful aromatic milk tea: at breakfast with fritters and omelets, while shopping through boutiques, at mealtime with locals… READ MORE (article in French only)